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Receive Reliable Legal Representation from a Family Lawyer Serving Houston, TX, and the Surrounding Areas

A divorce, child custody case, or other family law matter can be fraught with emotions. Trying to navigate the legal system while dealing with difficult situations such as these can be hard. Oftentimes, it’s best to partner with a qualified family lawyer near Houston, TX, as they can help guide you through your case.

If you need assistance from a family attorney, then consider contacting us. At Frederick D. Williams, Attorney at Law, we can offer advice and guidance, working diligently to make sure your interests are represented. We have over 36 years of legal experience and use the knowledge we’ve obtained to better assist each client. Receive personalized attention and reliable assistance by partnering with our firm.

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We’re prepared to offer guidance for your case from start to finish

Defend Your Rights by Working with a Criminal Defense Attorney

Offering Reliable Advice and Guidance

Being convicted of a criminal charge can result in lifelong consequences. Aside from large fines and jail time, the conviction will go on your permanent record, making it more difficult to get a job, get certain licenses, and rent an apartment, among other things. Partner with a qualified criminal defense attorney to receive representation and defend your rights.

Our goal is to provide clients with reliable and aggressive representation. We’ll take the time to gather evidence on your behalf, using that to craft a solid case. We will provide you with knowledgeable advice and stalwart service to assist you.

Request Assistance with Civil or Probate Law

Navigate Your Case with an Expert

At Frederick D. Williams II, Attorney at Law, we want to help clients with as many different cases as possible. That’s why we can also assist with civil and probate law, in addition to family law and criminal defense cases. Our firm understands that these cases can be somewhat complex and daunting to deal with; as such, we go above and beyond to provide our clients with reliable support.

Learn more about how we can assist with the following:

  • Civil Law: Do you need assistance with a civil case? Civil law covers a broad range of different cases and can be difficult to navigate. It is, essentially, any sort of non-criminal case that is taken to court. Despite being focused on non-criminal charges, going through civil court can still be somewhat stressful.  Consider working with a civil lawyer to receive assistance. Our firm is prepared to provide you with reliable representation and guide you from start to finish.
  • Probate Law: The probate process can be rather intimidating. It is extensive and may be difficult to navigate if you haven’t done so before. A probate lawyer can provide you with information on the process. At Frederick D. Williams II, Attorney at Law, we’re prepared to assist clients near Houston, TX, with probate. We can walk you through the process, represent you should litigation occur, and otherwise provide you with support. In addition, we can help with general estate planning, helping you create a solid will and offering advice.

Learn More About How We Can Assist with Your Case

Information Every Step of the Way

At Frederick D. Williams II, Attorney at Law, we understand just how complicated navigating the legal system can be. We want to make sure our clients receive the guidance and support they need from beginning to end. This means providing each and every one with honest service, knowledgeable advice, and reliable support. We can assist with a range of different cases, from divorce to assault. Learn more about what we do today.

Areas of practice include but are not limited to:

    • Divorce: We can assist with a range of needs for your divorce, including property division, alimony, and more.
    • Custody: You deserve to be able to have a relationship with your child. We can help with determining custody and help you preserve that relationship.
    • Modifications: If you need to make modifications to a custody agreement or other document, we are prepared to assist you.
    • Paternity: Do you need assistance determining the paternity of a child? If so, then consider contacting our firm.
    • Child Support: Child support may be necessary under certain circumstances. Partner with a qualified family lawyer to get assistance determining the amount.
    • Visitation: Even if you don’t have custody of your child, you have the right to be able to visit them. At Frederick D. Williams, Attorney at Law, we can assist with the creation of visitation schedules.
    • DWI/DUI: Being convicted of a DWI/DUI often seems like a minor issue, but it can still result in the loss of your license. Receive reliable defense by partnering with a qualified attorney.
    • Felonies: Felonies are some of the most serious crimes that can be committed. If you’ve been accused of one, then get in touch with a qualified criminal defense attorney.
    • Theft: If you are accused of stealing someone else’s property, allow an attorney to defend you.
    • Assaults: Have you been accused of committing assault? If so, consider contacting a qualified criminal defense attorney.
    • Drug Offenses: Drug offenses may include things such as trafficking, possession, and possession with intent to distribute. If you’ve been accused of a drug charge, contact an attorney to receive reliable defense.

At Frederick D. Williams II, Attorney at Law, we understand that no two cases are alike. That’s why we take the time to speak with you and really get a solid understanding of the particulars of your case. From there, we can suggest different courses of action. You will have the opportunity to determine which one you would prefer; once you’ve decided how to proceed, we’ll do everything we can to make sure that you get reliable assistance.

The legal system can be frightening, but it can become less so if you work with a qualified attorney. If you need assistance with family law, probate litigation, or other legal needs, consider contacting a qualified lawyer. Call today to receive a free consultation.

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    What Our Clients are Saying


    Brenda Castro

    I cannot recommend Rick Williams highly enough! from the moment I walked into his office, I felt reassured and confident that my legal matters were in capable hands. Rick’s expertise, professionalism and dedication to my case were truly exceptional.
    Rick possesses an unparalleled depth of knowledge in his field. His strategic approach to handling my case was nothing short of brilliant. He took the time to thoroughly understand every aspect of my situation, carefully explaining all my options and potential outcomes along the way. His ability to communicate complex legal concepts in a clear and understandable manner was invaluable to me as a client.
    What truly sets Rick apart is his unwavering commitment to achieving the best possible outcome for his clients. He approached my case with the utmost diligence and tenacity. Furthermore, he demonstrated genuine care and compassion for me as his client. He always made himself available to address any concerns or questions I had, providing timely updates and guidance every step of the way.
    I am incredibly grateful for his expertise, dedication and support throughout my journey. If you are in need of legal representation, I highly recommend Rick Williams. He is truly the BEST! Thank me later. 🙂

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    Raquel Castro

    Mr. Williams helped me with an expungement and later on with my annulment. He was very informative and guided me on every step that he was taking to assist me in my cases. I honestly never felt worried because he made me feel secure in the process. If you are looking for an attorney then look no further than Mr. Williams.

    Google Reviews


    Gloria Campos

    I knew I wanted to hire Rick Williams the first time I spoke to him on the phone. I needed a lawyer. I called around looking for one. When I called Rick he was friendly, down to earth and gave me more information on the phone than most lawyers would. He hasn’t disappointed yet. He is professional, to the point and keeps me informed and explains the process of my case step by. I will warn -he talks fast. Pay attention.

    Google Reviews


    Jerry Allee

    I can’t thank you enough Rick. I hope none of my family or friends need a divorce, but if they do I will not hesitate to send them your way. I had a very complicated divorce that was extremely overdue which you handled expertly, and professionally. Thank you so much

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    Big Bang

    Mr Rick Williams is one of the best attorney here in Houston I highly recommend him very professional thanks Rick from Raul Castillo

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    Edward Whalen

    Rick very responsive and easy to work with. He helped me reviewing some very important contracts and made me confident with the business decisions that I had made.

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    Ray Oskarsen

    I hired Frederick (Rick) D Williams II to represented me in my divorce. He took the time to understand my case and did a great job getting it finalized. I would highly recommend having Mr Williams by your side.

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    Craig R

    High Integrity!* Fredrick & I had a long consolation in which I was most impressed! His siding against evil & manipulative people seems most evident, plus he’s very intelligent & customer service oriented! Thanks Fredrick!

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    Teresa Garcia

    Five stars to Federick Williams. A lawyer you can trust to act on your behalf with integrity. I highly recommend him Mr. Williams. He is knowledgeable and thorough. He is always proactive in keeping me informed of proceedings. But most importantly I appreciate his collaborative approach and “patience”. Keep up the excellent work.

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    Clay F

    Excellent advocate to have at your side.

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    Lia Gondran

    Best attorney is Houston, Texas

    Google Reviews